Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Second Helping

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"A Second Helping"

In a nutshell, "A Second Helping" is a food collection/ministry at Holden Beach, NC during the summer vacation season. Most of our contributors are departing vacationers, but locals and others give welcomed support. Our collections are passed on to food pantries to feed the needy of Brunswick County, NC.

It was started in July of 2005, and has spread to other nearby tourist areas where it has served as a model for similar programs.

100% of all cash donations buy more food. Each year since our beginning, we have been able to buy 5 lbs. of food for each $1 collected.

Our total collections for 2011 were 21,341 lbs., another record year and 31% more than 2010's previous record. Collections since 2005 total more than 75,000 lbs.

For more information, visit our web site at which is linked at right to this site.

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  1. We have renters and rent from Sunday to Sunday. Is there a collection on Sunday? Could they leave food somewhere on Sunday?

  2. Sorry to be so slow in responding. No formal collections are done on Sunday inasmuch as most rentals run Saturday to Saturday (as you probably know). However, if your renters will leave their nonperishable food items only at the Holden Beach Chapel, with a note to pass these on to "A Second Helping", they will be put to good use. And thanks very much for asking.