Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Good news for this summer!

"A Second Helping" will begin its 10th year of collecting food and distributing it to the needy families of Brunswick County on June 21 at our usual place at Holden Beach, NC. We're thankful we can continue this ministry, and better yet  to share some very good news with you......Two groups at two locations along the North Carolina coast will begin similar programs at about the same time using the same name, "A Second Helping". So if you are vacationing in the Emerald Isle area (2 drop-off sites) or Topsail/Surf City areas, you'll be able to participate in this ministry thru your contributions of food and money. And we thank you very much in advance for doing so.....

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  1. Thanks to your vision we now have a food collection on Topsail Island! http://lisamendedesign.blogspot.com/2014/06/vacationers-dont-throw-your-food-away.html